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A regular maintenance done four times a year will reduce overall and associated refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning costs by as much as thirty percent when compared to breakdown maintenance costs.  We can provide you with an annual maintenance plan, payable in three or four equal installments depending on your individualized plan.


At the very least maintenance should be done four times a year to meet federal regulations regarding refrigerant loss and WCB regulations for air quality in the work space.

Spring:  Clean condensers and evaporator coils, replace belts and filters, clean evaporator drains, tighten electrical connections.

Summer: Check economizer operation on HVAC systems, oil motors, check condenser fan motors, complete leak check of all refrigeration equipment, check operation of safety controls, adjust thermostats as required, provide maintenance check list on each unit.

Fall:  Replace filters, adjust belts, check economizer operation, check heating safety controls, leak check gas train, fire heating on HVAC units, complete leak check of refrigeration equipment, inspection of motor starters, provide maintenance check list on each unit.

Winter:  Replace filters, adjust belts, visual inspection of all equipment, electronic leak check of refrigeration equipment.

Preventative maintenance is something you pay for and should not be aware of. When the equipment is working properly, it normally goes unnoticed.